Sunday, 15 November 2015

Face Painting Template

My daughter's face painting ideas.

    Today my eldest decided that she was going to be a face painter when she grows up. What an epic idea!

    As a fun weekend project I suggested she create a folio of face painting ideas. Being that we were out of printer ink I created a face stencil that can be used many times over. 

    For those who like this idea, and have plenty of printer ink I have created for you a printable template (see below) for coming up with face painting ideas. I look forward to seeing the designs you come up with - include a link in comments below.

Printing spec: Scale to fit on A4

    Alternatively if you want to create a reusable face stencil simply create a copy of the below stencil. Ensure you use relatively strong card and cut out using a sharp art knife.
© Melissa Gaggiano