Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Hiné Mizushima

    A couple of weekend's ago I took the kids for a train ride into the city. We stopped off a magic shop, Outre Gallery, Macca's run, and finished up with a wander round an exhibition at the City Library.

    The exhibition 'Playful', as curated by Sophia Cai was celebrating National Youth Week, and incorporated the work of many wonderful artists. This included two personal favourites of mine - Evie Barrow and Cat RabbitI also came to fall in love with the art of Hiné Mizushima.

    Hiné made these cute little octopi sitting atop replica pez dispensers. After a little research, I found Hiné's online site and I am in honest raptures over the sweetness and intricate detail of her work. By the look of things she is all kinds of creative.
© Hiné Mizushima
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