Friday, 12 August 2016

The Vending Machine of Love

© Melissa Gaggiano

    I just had the most wonderful idea. You know those vending machines that sell snacks and sodas. They are wickedly wonderful because who can say no to junk food sitting right there in your office.

    I was just thinking what a nice change it would be if there were alternative vending machines that provided cute, wee wonderful things that have been handmade with love, or miniature embroidery kits, miniature pin hole cameras, love poems, letters, and polaroid photos with little notes.

    These vending machines could be a destination for people who want to buy a special gift, or treat themselves on a lonely day. Imagine the joy such a vending machine could bring. Because there is no eating, you've got a vending 'thing' for life. A vending machine could become a 'love being human' experience.