Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Crafter's Companion

    Recently I added a wonderful paper crafting package to my design, crafting supplies. With all the OOAK doll making I do it became increasingly important that I consider portability and presentation of my designs. I was always able to find boxes to suit my smaller pieces, but it was another story for my longer, more narrow dolls.

Top Score Multiboard
Crafter's Companion

    I got my answer when I came across a Crafter's Companion kit – Top Score Multiboard which provides me with templates and instructions to build my own gift and product boxes. It even comes with instructions, a DVD project guide and a template for making envelopes. How awesome is that!

    I've already begun playing around with the scoring templates which allow me to form straight embossed lines and cute ornamentation. There are so many things I can do with my Crafter's Companion kit – card making, boxes, envelopes, catalogues, miniature books. But for now I can hardly wait to make my first box. Oh boy! It's going to be great.